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The Egyptian Mona Lisa

I never get bored of people playing around with DaVinci’s, especially when non-Western artists provide their own take on the ever-mysterious painting that is the Mona Lisa.

Here, Egyptian illustrator FaTma WaGdi places herself wearing a hijab in her digital rendition of this 16th century portrait, poking fun at the expressionless original subject.

Contemporary Art Week!

This is gorgeous and usually I am not a HUGE contemporary art fan (of course there are exceptions) but this is stunning :) a lovely reimagining of Mona Lisa :)


I really would like for these two actresses to share a scene together.

Understand that there may be a new Xena movie down the line :)

In the meanwhile, I hope we can see Lucy Lawless in Once Upon A Time. Lucy Lawless’ Xena is pretty much one of the pioneer characters that showed us that women can fight and protect their loved ones.

I would be so over the moon if Lucy gets to play a character related to Emilie de Ravin’s Belle. Belle’s mom perhaps (in flashback)?

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